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Ring of Fire


This classic song, written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore for Johnny Cash, is just a standard three chord trick as far as the harmonic structure goes. I, IV and V or G, C and D in the key of G (to be honest, probably still G, C and D with a capo on the first fret if playing in Ab as many of the recordings are).

Rhythmically though it is a lot more complex. As I’m digging into famous, so-called simple songs with the ukulele group at work, I am discovering that a number of these not only tell a compelling story with the lyrics but also provide interest by not allowing you to count a regular 1 2 3 4 all the way from end to end.

It still isn’t complex to prog rock standards but I am learning not to take the “easy” songs for granted. I think we might be doing some counting exercises this lunchtime: “isn’t seven difficult, isn’t seven difficult, isn’t seven difficult…”

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