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I think I’ve got my brewing mojo back. After the failure of my Easter Courage as a drinkable beer (unless you are a slug – the brew still seems to work for my garden “pubs”), I am pleased that Summer Flowers tastes very promising.

I bottled it last night and got twelve bottles stored away where I must resist touching them until at least the start of July. I probably could have made it thirteen but, even its unconditioned state, it was pleasingly quaffable and so I used the rest as a generous sample. The full measure of the brew can’t be judged yet but I am hopeful that, even if it doesn’t exceed my earlier attempt at this recipe, it should be in the ball park.

Vital stats? A bottling gravity of approximately 1.008 @ 19.5°C and 30g of sugar for carbonation. I based that on previous experience, since it is hard to judge exactly how many bottles-worth I will get but that works out at a little under 5g per bottle taking into account the volume of the sample.

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