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Today saw local council and European elections across the UK. Polling stations are now closed so it is a bit late to encourage you to get out and vote but I hope you did.

I didn’t vote for UKIP but I fear they might poll rather well. To me, their brand of politics sounds like you might hear in the ranting corner in a pub; a bit narrow minded but not too alarming if the biggest thing the speaker has to cope with the next day is a hangover. However, what are they going to if some of them have to go to Europe and work in a civilised way with partners from other European countries, representing Britain and serving all the people of the continent (us included)? Are any UKIP councillors going to make a good job of representing all the people they have been elected to serve and not just the ones who voted for them?

We’ll find out the results this weekend; the implications of the results will start to show over the next few months.

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