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Seedlings in a seed tray


The camera on my phone (HTC Wildfire S) is not brilliant but has the advantage over my DSLR of being easily portable. Today I was using it out in the garden to take notes on what Jane and I had been up to and how various plants were getting on (such as the celeriac seedlings on the right, which are looking promising although we’ll not make the mistake of putting them out too early this year).

From the phone, I quickly labelled them and uploaded to Flickr, where I was then able to tag and label them more accurately. As I went through, I typed up notes and inserted the pictures into my Folia account. That is relatively time-consuming but worthwhile; it is invaluable to be able to look back and see how we have got on with various plants in the past.

To finish the process, I grabbed a copy of the files to store locally using Bulkr. The free version doesn’t let you download the original images but I’m not bothered with these phone shots – I just want a decent version to file away. Job done!

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