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I am a week late to be posting about pancakes but must sing the praises of my new crêpe pan (one of these De Buyer ones). I first tried it out last Tuesday, taking a risk as we had a number of guests round, but it performed wonderfully. I know that, in theory, Shrove Tuesday is the last day to eat pancakes before Easter but, since we don’t live under medieval rules on fasting, I have used it a couple more times since with equally good results.

It turns out to be the perfect size to turn one ladle of batter into an even, well-proportioned pancake. Even more delightfully, the relative lightness and the low, sloping rim, make it easy to toss and catch the pancakes. It felt like I was flipping them like a pro.

My reflection? Sometimes, perhaps even often, the right tool turns the job into a delight.

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