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Flowers in the Bottle


My February Flowers IPA seemed to have reached a settled point in it’s fermentation so I got it bottled (5.5l in the end – 11 bottles) yesterday afternoon. I primed the fermented wort using the Knights of the Mashing Fork calculator. I had estimated that I would get 5l but aimed at the higher end of the suggested pale ale range (2.2 volumes of CO2) so should be within reasonable margins. The gravity read 1.014 @ 16°C (post priming), a little higher than expected but it also started a little higher than the recipe so I hope it will all pan out – online calculators put the ABV at 3.5%, which is low for the style but I’m not planning to transport it to India so it should be okay.

Sampling the small amount that didn’t fit in the bottles was promising. It remains to be seen what it will be like when it is mature but I’m in the ballpark for what I was aiming at and am hopeful that it might be my best yet. Now, what shall I brew next …

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