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Dead Ladybirds


This week, I’ve been helping the cause of science by taking pictures of dead ladybirds:

Dead ladybird next to ruler (5mm long)

Dead Ladybird

The bell tower at St Clement’s is liberally carpeted with tiny corpses. They must fly in and expire; since the tower is rarely used (and then only for access to the roof) the collection has built up over time. A couple of weeks ago I made enquiries to find out if this was of interest as, at some point, we will have repair work done in the tower which will disrupt this insect graveyard. Since it hasn’t been monitored against time, there was a preference for a few photos and that is what I have now duly provided.

Images were taken with a ruler in the foreground to give a sense of scale. It was marked out in millimetres and shows that I am into the macro range, where the lens produces the image at or beyond 1:1 scale on the camera sensor. I used my Vivitar 90mm lens supplemented by my Raynox DCR-250. To get a good depth of field, I stopped down to f/22 and used a tripod along with a slow shutter speed and remote shutter release to get a relatively crisp image.

Hopefully this will serve its purpose (and, to my amateur eye, it looks like we have quite a few harlequin ladybirds among the debris).

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