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Christmas in a Day


One thing I did get from yesterday’s trip to Sainsbury’s was a free copy of the film Christmas in a Day. This was sponsored by them and I think they used some snippets in their advertising this year but it was a far more interesting project than just touting their wares.

Last Christmas people were invited to submit film clips of their Christmas and these have been edited to provide a fifty-minute montage. Does it capture the fullness of what Christmas is about? No, but it provides a fascinating series of inside views on the kind of things that will probably be happening again up and down the country later this week.

It is surprisingly emotional but I’m glad I took the time to watch it. It will be a useful social documentary in years to come and I think I might well end up building it into my Advent reflections next year. Meanwhile though, even if you don’t happen to get a free copy in a supermarket, it is available online via YouTube should you want to take a look.

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