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Green Cider


It has been a bit cool in the house and my brewing yeast appears to have been quite lethargic. The Malus Orange brew hadn’t really decreased in gravity but I was fairly certain it was not finished; spending yesterday afternoon sitting in a pot of tepid water seems to have got it going and now it is wrapped in a blanket and sitting next to a radiator to see if I can carry it through to completion.

The vat of chopped apples and water that I mentioned when the the Malus Orange was set to ferment was also ready to move to the next stage. I took off the apple mush to feed the compost heap and pasteurised the mixture and also added about 500g of brewing sugar. The only problem was that I have about 2-3 gallons of the stuff and this volume of liquid has a fair degree of thermal inertia. Not wanting to stay up too late, I ended up transferring it to the sanitised brewing vat and leaving overnight.

This morning it was down to about 20°C, which is a respectable pitching temperature. I rehydrated my yeast (Nottingham again, except this time I used a full 15g packet) and that is now in with the proto-cider. I have also blanket-wrapped the vat and sat it next to the same radiator, as well as making sure the wort was well aerated before pitching; every effort to encourage the yeast to hit the ground running and outstrip any unwanted micro-organisms. Initial gravity for this

Green cider? The base liquid is more green than brown for some reason. I don’t know how this will come out when it is finally ready to drink but Green Cider will do as a moniker to refer to the batch.

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