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Jeremy Paxman has nothing to fear but I did get to interview a politician last night. Nicola Blackwood MP was a guest at the St Clement’s evening service and I was given the privilege of interviewing her for the congregation. Unlike most examples of political interviewing in the media, my task was not to trip her up but to provide a framework in which she could give some insight to the congregation into life as a Christian politician.

I think we managed that; it wasn’t a party political broadcast for the Conservative Party but we did hear about some of the things she is involved in, such as the Childhood Lost campaign (see their website for an online petition). At the end of the interview I asked her for some points for prayer and her answers would be applicable whoever your MP is:

  • Wisdom to be sufficiently briefed in the areas dealt with and to balance many competing demands
  • Energy to keep going with all that needs to be done
  • For the British public to become less scornful and more engaged with the political process.

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