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Lo-cal Curry

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Normally I buy British lamb but preparing for a dinner we hosted tonight had to resort to New Zealand lamb when I was out shopping last night. I’ve nothing against the quality of Kiwi produce but prefer to eat food that hasn’t been shipped from the far side of the world in refrigerated containers when perfectly good options are available over here. However, since I was hosting and trying a new recipe, I decided to stick with leg steaks and NZ was all that was available. So, not local curry at all.

It was however low calorie: I was following a recipe in the Hairy Dieter’s cookbook for lamb curry with spinach and tomato. By trimming most of the hard fat from the meat and only using a teaspoon of oil, the calorie cost of the dish plummets but the flavour is not compromised. Oh, and the final addition of tomatoes came direct from the polytunnel so perhaps I can regain some of my local credentials too!

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