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The Mysterious Missing Mousetrap


Popping into my loft last night to stow my homebrewing gear, I spotted that one of the traps I had left up there had done its gruesome work. At least it gives the mouse a swift end rather than poison bait (which, judging from the way it goes down, doesn’t have much effect on them but would be horrible if worked) or “humane” traps (by which we mean ones that allow you to release the mouse to almost certain death in hostile territory).

I was more concerned about the other trap though or, at least, the space where the other trap should have been! A search didn’t reveal where a trapped creature might have escaped to; I might have to think about finding some way to tether the remaining one. If only mice were smart enough to stay well away from human dwellings. Unfortunately the risks that they pose (like nibbling away to expose cables) mean that I can’t simply ignore them but have to take action.

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