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Herman Clafoutis


Herman Clafoutis would be a fantastic name for a fictional character but was, in fact, yesterday’s fantastic dessert. I made another clafoutis (50ml milk, 15g sugar and 15g plain flour per large egg, poured over stoned fruit and baked in the over at 190°C until set and gently browned) using our crop of plums from our tree (Prunus domestica ‘Herman’).

I was a bit worried about the number of plums that contained tiny maggots (over half of them although no more than one per plum) but disposed of the ones I found at the stoning stage. It is possible that I missed others but the hot sugary juices of the plums would have thoroughly disposed of and sterilised any that were left! There was certainly nothing obvious to mar the appeal of the final dish; quick, easy and a handy way to use the first decent harvest we have had from that tree.

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