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The King’s Dream


I was speaking again at church today, this time in the morning service. The passage under consideration was from Daniel 2, where King Nebuchadnezzar has been suffering from sleepless nights due to bad dreams and sets a challenge which it takes Daniel and his companions to overcome by turning to God, the “Revealer of Mysteries”.

I was aiming for about ten minutes and took 16 minutes and 42 seconds; once I set the timer running, I d0n’t think I glanced at it until I reached the end of what I had to say. So much for that idea! However, it was well received and seemed about the right length for the service. You can judge for yourself by downloading the PDF of what I intended to say: The King’s Dream.

I had intended to record myself so that I could compare this with what I actually said but ran out of time to prepare that while making final tweaks to the draft this morning. Ah, well. Next time (which will be on 15 September, not actually all that far away!).

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