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Looking Down on the Back Garden – July 2013


Here is a photo of our back garden from a little earlier in the month:

A flourishing back garden

Looking Down on the Back Garden – July 2013

The garden in June 2013

June 2013

The blue splashes of the flax flowers have largely disappeared but everything else is looking fuller and plenty more blooms have taken on their role. Everything looks greener in June but that is partly down to the quality of light and camera settings; these images are not scrupulously white balanced to give a direct comparison!

You can also contrast with the corresponding picture from July 2012. In that, the central bed looks fuller but there is less going on towards the veg beds that sit behind the polytunnel. However, that was taken at the end of the month and in a very different growing year from the hot, dry weather we are experiencing now. It was beautiful last year, is beautiful this year and I hope to be finding it equally enjoyable in July 2014!

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