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Cantus Arcticus


Jane and I had an enjoyable morning at the National Trust property of Waddesdon Manor today. We had a good look round the house and there were a few highlights inside but the real point of delight for us was not in the showpiece mansion but down the hill in the stables. Artist Bruce Munro works with installations that explore the possibilities of light and musical soundscapes and we enjoyed our time wandering through the piece Cantus Arcticus.

An abstract pattern of blue, red and purple.

Taken at Cantus Arcticus

Above is one of the shots I took, exploiting a slow shutter speed to paint with his lighting as a brush on my camera sensor. Click the image to view the full set (which will eventually include some shots from other parts of the visit too). At present these are direct from the camera although I suspect I may well rework some as desktop wallpapers and as design elements in other graphics. The display runs daily until late October and is highly recommended.

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