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The Lady Departed


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised how much comment the recent death of Margaret Thatcher is generating. As is often the case when a celebrity dies, there are a fair number of eulogies being given but also a surprising amount of vitriol. She hasn’t been active in politics for two decades and, as I understand it, in the bitter autumn of her years for a good part of that time, but still sparks a strong reaction.

If nothing else, that should be a measure of how deeply wounded many people felt under the Thatcherite regime. There is such a thing as society and I suppose this is evidence that it is alive if still not entirely well. Of the various comments I have read online, I think Russell Brand’s is one of those most worth reading. Meanwhile, if some of the anger could be turned into moves to do something positive to restore the health of society then that would be a fitting anti-tribute, building from if not on the legacy of the Iron Lady.


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