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A Flood of Spam


It is a shame that, when the use of “spam” was coined as a euphemism for unsolicited advertising material, they did not use a more liquid image. Many of the adjectives that comes to mind when riled by it are distinctly watery: trickle, torrent, deluge, etc. If you stop to think about a flood of tins of chopped pork and ham, it is a ludicrous picture.

For some reason, my blog has been facing such a wave (there we go again!) recently. In particular, a post from just over a year ago, Reflections on Birdwatching, seems to have become a spam magnet (aha! finally something more, erm, attractive!) and I’ve zapped five or six messages that contain both unsolicited advertising and appallingly poor spelling and grammar since yesterday.

Fortunately, these periods ebb and flow (back to the water!) and I am hoping that I will see this one out soon. Spam, eggs and spam? No thanks!

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