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The Church Creates Space for the Kingdom


That was the concluding thought of the presentation that +Nick (that is, Bishop Nick Drayson, working in Argentina and not just another name from GooglePlus!) gave us yesterday evening when he visited St Clement’s during a short visit back to the UK. Some of those present had known Nick when he was a student in Oxford and, a few years later after his first period in Argentina, when he and Catherine were married at the church but for me and Jane it was an opportunity to meet someone we have previously only known of as one of the church mission partners.

As well as talking us through the place they live and the people they work with (mainly Amerindian people on the borders of Argentinian society) they showed an excellent video recently produced by CMS which uses this mission as an example along with Uganda, Nepal and, erm, Hull (Yorkshire, UK — need does not only live overseas). Unfortunately that does not yet seem to be available online otherwise I would gladly link to it here.

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