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The previous time I mentioned Christis on my blog (August 2006 – the search tool is a wonderful memory enhancement!) it was doing fine, with its own website and most of the back issues available online. Unfortunately it appears this publication, a Christian magazine with ecumenical appeal produced by a student society at the University of York, has now shuffled off its mortal coil and the web domain has been snagged by one of those infernal credit agencies.

I was browsing back through my stack of hard copy issues recently in preparation for a home group meeting I was leading. When I first got involved in the magazine I jumped into a debate that ran through several issues and the group was covering the same, potentially thorny subject. In order to introduce the different sides of the argument but without immediately touching on raw nerves among those present, I wanted to read some selections.

The strategy seemed to work well and it was satisfying to finally get round to using the pile of magazines I have been faithfully toting round and giving shelf room to since leaving university; it is just a shame that I can no longer see what has been written in the magazine more recently nor provide a link for those in my home group who would like to re-read the articles I referred to online.


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