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Banana Penguins


Last night’s session was fascinating; not a lecture but very interactive session. Within a couple of hours we had done numerous things including, in small groups, creating and performing a short piece based on the parable of the wise and foolish builders. We tried to use a range of techniques, such as alliterative names, words matched with gestures and cues for audience participation. It could have been improved but was an illustration of how quickly the kernel of a presentation can be presented, even if there is scope for a fair degree of further polishing.

Another section was about the value of limitations to encourage creativity. Volunteers acted out the parable of the good Samaritan but with additional directions thrown out, creating challenges for both the actors and audience, from a hurricane blowing up to the ground being made of sticky bubble gum. I have observed this principle before in spheres like music: pressure creates diamonds.

Finally, those penguins. We were each given a banana and instructions for how to make it resemble a penguin. This led to little troupes of penguins performing a song and dance routine before the surprise … well, I will keep quiet about the surprise, as I might want to use the idea myself!


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