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A Paradoxical Blanket


Snow falls and covers things, obscuring form and detail under a white blanket. However, on reflection, it reveals at least as much as it hides. For example:

  • Travel paths. You can see where people have walked, cycled or driven as well as the tracks left by animals. Granted, these paths are influenced by the conditions but it still reveals a palimpsest map of journeys that is normally invisible.
  • Pollution. Cycling along the side of the ring road on the way into work, the discolouration of the snow alongside the carriageway was clearly visible. The cycle path is far enough away to be outside the range of the visible pollution but it is a reminder of how much dirt our cars kick up and out.
  • Safety considerations. Some cars are meticulously swept down before setting off while others have a barely cleared slit to gaze through and a thick sheet of snow on the roof. I suspect this gives some level of indication of those who are simply concerned to get from A to B and those who wish to do so with the consideration of safely for themselves and others.

Snow falls and uncovers things that we are normally blind to.

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