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When I looked out of the window this morning, my first blog related thought was to post something about how the promised blizzards had failed to deliver more than a light dusting. I am glad I held off through as it has kept up through the morning and we have a snowy blanket outside now; no trip to the library this afternoon as they all closed early.

We have, however, had the pleasure of some rare visitors to our garden:

Fieldfares in a hawthorn tree, with snow falling


This flock of fieldfares (or one like it) has been seen before but, with the pressure of the weather, they are getting closer, even landing en masse in the garden at one point to glean seeds dropped from our various hanging feeders. I was pleased to find that I managed to get a few decent images (with some Gimp processing thrown in) although I would still love a full digiscoping set up for such opportunities.

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