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Full of Sugar…


I’m full of sugar now, having been helping at a party for the youth of our church. Fizzy drinks and Krispy Kreme donuts definitely leave a saccharine aftertaste in my mouth although, dietary considerations aside, it was great fun. It was a dressing up party, for the group (mainly at the early end of teenhood) to dress up as what they wanted to be when they were older when they were younger. Yes, it was a bit convoluted but worth it in the end.

My first thought was “rock star” but then I remembered that this wasn’t my declared ambition until after I was older than most of the group, so I decided to got with a relatively easy costume as cowboy / sheriff (using my cowboy shirt, a hat and a quickly constructed sheriff’s badge). When you are a leader, you are not really in the running for best outfit anyway but it was enough effort to fit in with the theme.

Oh, and I’ve got a party bag and a balloon dog sitting downstairs; definitely the full-on kid’s party experience.

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