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Parcel Insecurity


I had to go to the local sorting office this morning to pick up a parcel that arrrived during the week. I hopped on my bike and discovered that, using the ring-road cycle path, it is easier than I realised to get the office. Everything seemed to be going to plan until I got home and had a closer look at the label. It was about the size and shape I had expected but I realised that it was addressed to someone who only shared the same house number and first part of the postcode with me but lives a couple of miles away.

D’oh! I should have checked more carefully but you feel in a bit of a rush with a queue behind me. Anyway, having presented both delivery card and photo ID (driving licence with address, in my case) to the trained employee behind the counter, I had assumed that getting the right parcels to the right people was important to the Royal Mail. Jane and I popped back later in the car, where a different assistant managed to locate the correct package.

Next time I will definitely be taking time to double check as soon as the parcel is handed over but I do hope not too many similar mistakes get made at sorting offices up and down the land.


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