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Sitting Still


I’m back from my weekend at the Frontier Centre for the Hill End 2012 camp, rested and only slightly feeling ze burn from the mountain biking and other activities. Not everything was strenuous though. Saturday morning gave me an opportunity to spend a while exploring the grounds, where I saw this chap:

A dragonfly resting on a table


Normally dragonflies flit about so much that photographing them is an exercise in frustration but this one sat patiently so I was able to get close enough to grab a reasonable shot even with my phone camera. If I had taken my other camera, I might have been able to grab some truly memorable images, of this dragonfly, the woodpecker that landed nearby and other delights.

On the other hand, sometimes it is good not to spend all your time staring down a narrow lens and just to relax and enjoy the world around.

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