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Ah, the delights of a dwelling with solid walls and a built-in bathroom! Jane and I are back home after a couple of short holiday trips. The first was visiting my parents and we followed that up with a few days under canvas in Pembrokeshire.

A green tent set up on a campsite

Our Tent

This is our new tent, an EasyCamp Boston 300, which was our home from Monday evening until this morning. The weather was generally very good but we had a bit of rain (especially on the first day) and a couple of nights with strong winds gusting round the site and it stood up very well to that. We have a couple of other tents but one is getting a bit worn and barely has enough room to sit up in while the other, our “mansion in canvas” is excellent for group events but a bit large and heavy for just the two of us.

One of the features we particularly appreciated was what I believe is called the “fully tanked” design. That means it comes with an integral groundsheet so that the interior is completely sealed. Our chosen campsite, Arymwny, was excellent but as well as being home to us was also the dwelling place of hordes of slugs. The seal isn’t complete and I found one large black slug had made it inside during the first night (after which we took to pegging the bottom of the door at night) but I think our other tents would have yielded more nasty surprises and required more careful tidying than just putting our wellies in a box outside the front door!

I do enjoy camping but I do have to observe that one of the pleasures is returning home and appreciating the luxuries of our normal accomodation!

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