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Almost a Quiet Night Out


In the end, my answer to last night’s dilemma was to take the electric bass. On getting down to the pub, I discovered another problem: I had forgotten to bring the cables to connect up my amp. D’oh! Because I have mainly been practising on acoustic instruments at home, I had not reconnected it after the last outing so just carted speaker and head out to the car without thinking about the leads.

I was saved the ignominy of having to make a round trip home by a couple of the other musicians who between them came up with some spares I could use. I didn’t have a speaker grade lead but made use of my shortest guitar cable, which seemed to handle the load okay. I will be more careful in future though; this morning, I made sure I plugged everything back in as a reminder for next time.

As it turns out, another bassist did arrive, so I did not have to play the whole evening anyway. On the other hand, although he brought his own bass (just as well — mine has six strings and non-standard tuning so not the easiest set up for someone else to pick up) he did need to use the amp, so the decision was the right one. That might be the last of these events I get to for a while as other things pick up in September but this regular session, on the first Monday of every month at the Red Lion in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell is definitely worth checking out for jazz musicians in the area.

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