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I Don’t Think So

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I got a phone call the other day from a person offering to fix some problems on my Windows computer. Immediately I knew it was a scam but I played the line out a little more and, sure enough, they gave the name of the person they wanted to speak to; not me but the person who formerly owned our house, who died several years ago.

I probably laid it on a bit thick when, before putting the phone down, I explained that he was deceased and that I used Mac and Linux systems. However, these kind of calls do annoy me. They are nothing more than a con. It is easy for me to sniff them out, with my years of experience in IT and fluency in Mac, Linux and (I’ll admit it now) Windows operating systems. However, they must land on plenty of people who are not so savvy in this field and who forget that, since a significant proportion of homes have Windows PCs, it is a fairly safe guess. I imagine that they are either after bank details or to persuade you to allow them to remotely access your computer, which could then be used for any number of dodgy activities.

May the operators of these systems run up huge phone bills, fail to make a profit, suffer from malware and blue screens of death (I’m guessing that they probably use Windows too), and may they struggle to retain staff as the people making the calls get both a social conscience and an opportunity to do something more worthwhile to earn their living.

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