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Cheesy Chips


It was a huge “large” portion of chips and even yesterday’s morning-after-the-night-before breakfast wasn’t enough to clear them all up. I needed another plan and that was called cheesy chips. I hadn’t actually had such a dish before but the alliterative name sounded appealing; how hard could it be?

First the chips went on a tray in the oven to warm through. Meanwhile, for the cheese sauce, I took inspiration from various fondue recipes. I grated some cheddar and then coated it with a couple of teaspoons of cornflour. In a saucepan I heated up some salty stock from the bacon joint we had eaten for lunch along with a generous dash of malt vinegar. The stock was too salty for general use but I envisioned that salt and vinegar would be perfect flavours to sit alongside the cheese when poured over the chips.

Once the stock mix was hot (but not boiling), I added the cheese and stirred. At first I thought I had made it too thin but then the cornflour worked its thickening magic and the result was a rich, velvety sauce. Chips in bowls, pour on the sauce and eat with a fork: delicious!


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