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This afternoon I was working up the slides for a presentation I am giving tomorrow (to the WebLearn User Group, down in the Computer Services building). I thought everything was going well, although a little bit slower than I had hoped, so I asked Jane if she wanted to see them and discovered, to my horror, that the first half had gone missing. I had just been fiddling about with a slide further on and had used up the undo buffer. I must have accidentally deleted them and then saved the file again, so I didn’t have a recent savepoint to revert to.

All is recovered now but, needless to say, I am back to the habit of not only saving often but also frequently saving under a new name to give a more robust history. There is still a bit more work to do; when I get to my talk, I want slides that are not only examples of fine visual balance but also in place for the breadth of my talk!

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