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Deep to Deep — March 2012


It looks like I have been incredibly remiss and neglected to mention the Deep to Deep event coming up near Southampton this Saturday on my blog. It was fifteen years ago that a fellow Christian bassist in South East London (Mark Ashby) noticed from my email signature on the Churchbass list that we lived quite close to each other and mooted a get together. We met in a church hall in Sevenoaks with two or three other people (I remember Cliff Wootton but am afraid the other names have escaped me) and kicked off event. At that time it I am not sure it even had a name but, by a couple of meetings in the identity had been assigned, a basic web page had been set up and Mark, who organised the first couple of events, passed the baton onto me.

Since then we have had about 25 gatherings at various locations up and down the country with anywhere from three to over twenty people in attendance. For our first meeting of 2012 we are visiting a new venue near Southampton and the main order of the day will be to assemble a list of fifteen essential things Christian bassists should get a handle on.

Anyway, now I have told you it is on and, if you fit the demographic of being a Christian, being a bassist and probably living somewhere in the right part of the country (we have had overseas visitors in the past although that has been more the case of seizing an opportunity than people arranging a trip just for the purpose) do feel welcome to pop by.

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