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Rhubarb and Ginger Pot


Hiding in the bottom of the freezer is one last bag of stewed, unsweetened rhubarb harvested from our garden last year. I think I know what I will use it for; a second helping of the sweet treat I cooked up this afternoon using the penultimate bag.

The rhubarb had defrosted overnight and I brought it to heat adding spoonfuls of brown sugar to taste. As it sweetened up, I decided to use some of the stem ginger in the fridge as well, a couple of balls and a couple of spoonfuls of the syrup. With a dash of rose syrup and another spoon of sugar, I decided it was sweet enough and turned the heat down to let it simmer and reduce a little.

Meanwhile I combined a few crumbled digestive biscuits with enough melted butter to bind them together and a shake of ground ginger to carry on that theme. I packed this mixture down into the bottom of a couple of ramekins, poured the sauce over the top and finished with a sprinkle of sugar. I did try caramelising it with a kitchen blowtorch but I think  seal has gone inside. After I found my hand covered with a ball of flame I decided not to play that game any more (no serious harm done but I do get a whiff of burnt hair when I raise my hand near my face!).

The overall result was delicious and was much quicker from start to finish than the crumble I had originally planned. I think I will count that as a win.

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