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I had the privilege of being responsible for leading yesterday morning’s service at St Clements. Fortunately it was an informal one, so no need to juggle service books and plenty of freedom to try out some ideas.

My biggest experiment was to write some short skits based on interviews with various heroes of the Christian faith and hope that the stewards could find enough suitable volunteers as people filtered in. It worked out okay and so we were able to echo the reading (which started in Hebrews 11, a great litany of heroes) with appearances from Rahab and King David (Old Testament), Thomas and Cornelius (New Testament) and Charles Wesley and CS Lewis (moderns).

It went well and I got lots of positive comments. I was very aware though that, as with any experience of leading, what makes it possible, bearable and, yes, even enjoyable is a helpful team of people who help get from raw ideas into pracise. Most of the time I get to be one of the team rather than the one on point duty and yesterday’s experience renews my enthusiasm for helping others bring their service ideas into a smooth reality.

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