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Fried Green Tomatoes


Half-way through a portion of fried green tomatoes, as described in the post

Fried Green Tomatoes

One of the tomatoes I harvested this morning (my current tally is 75 fruit from our ‘Legend Bush’ plants) had dropped to the ground of its own accord and was only slightly tinged with orange and a bit mouldy on top so, rather than waste it entirely, I trimmed it down and cooked it up with another not-quite-ripe tomato that has been sitting on the windowsill for a few days.

First I warmed the pan and added a dash of olive oil along with crushed up salt, black pepper, cumin and cardomom seeds. I then pushed in the sliced tomatoes, spreading them out so all had direct contact with the base of the pan. After a few minutes of cooking and turning, I added a dash of black beer, a glug of hot water and then stirred before transferring to a slide of bread. I decided the dish needed a splash of colour so I grabbed a sorrel leaf from the garden, rolled and sliced it and gave that a few seconds frying in a dribble of oil before applying as a garnish.

Very satisfying, both as a breakfast and as a away to avoid wastage.


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