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I have recently finished re-reading A Year at St. Yorick’s by Adrian Plass. What was most interesting on this run through was to spot several bits of material which later made their way into the Yorkshire Pudding DVD (a series of short reflections and skits) which I used as study material with my house group last term. The material has been reworked to fit a different context but the ancestry is clear. I suspect that if I were a true Plassologist, I would be able to pin down several more of the items.

Its a good idea and creative people are doing that all the time. Even people like Miles Davis, who reputedly was very keen to avoid treading the same old ground, leaves traces and you can listen to his later fusion output and hear traces of the player who created such an impact in the birth of cool period thirty years earlier. It might detract from the value if everything was clearly a cheap rehash, like a low budget greatest hits album, but, in moderation, it proves fascinating, adding further resonance as earlier works are re-read and enjoyed.

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