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I’m not a great fan of Microsoft Windows but I will give Microsoft the fact that they make some pretty good hardware. I’ve had my MS mouse for a decade or more now but it is finally starting to show its age and left clicking (after who knows how many million actuations) is beginning to require a harder touch.

Therefore, last Friday I decided to buy a new input device. However, rather than going for a mouse, I’m trying a Kensington trackball instead. They are often cited as being better for your wrists (it will at least be a change from using a mouse all day at work when I get home to the trackball) and they also require less desk space. So far, the experiment is working well. The one thing I am missing is the clickable scroll button I had on the MS mouse, which was a boon for opening new tabs in Firefox, and I am having to go back to command clicking links to get the same effect. However, the trackball does have a scroll ring, which makes paging through numerous blog posts or long articles easier. I am also able to make room to keep my Wacom tablet next to the trackball and can use that for some selection tasks where the trackball is more fiddly.

All in all, a worthwhile upgrade.

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