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Vinyl printed to look like wooden floorboards

Faux Wood Flooring

We finished two of the last three major tasks in our bathroom refurbishment yesterday, putting up the mirror and fitting the flooring. We decided on a vinyl floor and picked the pattern shown above. It is perhaps a little too perfect to look real (certainly better than the actual floorboards in the room) but creates a good illusion as well as feeling comfortable underfoot and being easy to clean.

All that remains now is putting a panel on the side of the bath. The old one was some kind of asbestos board, safely disposed of earlier this year. I am planning on building the new one from the last piece of faux wood panelling in the living room. The front of it is a very artificial pattern but the back is quite decent and I intended to decorate with some pyrography before sealing with varnish; a lot of the other panelling from the front room was used to make the subfloor between the actual boards and the artificial ones we have covered them with.

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