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I was clearing the draining rack this morning when I noticed a disturbance out by one of our bird feeders in the garden. From the kitchen the view is obscured by tree spinach (Chenopodium giganteum – now over five feet high and living up to its name) so I went through to the lounge. I was just in time to see a sparrowhawk, seeming to hang on the side of the feeder ball and then dropping off and flying just over the fence, followed at a safe distance by an audience of crows and magpies.

I called Jane and we went outside. No sign of a struggle in the garden but, looking over the back fence, we disturbed the hawk, who flew off again. I think it is safe to assume that it did catch one of our sparrows and was taking time to feed. Nature red in tooth and claw, although it wasn’t long before the rest of the sparrow tribe were back to feed. We will keep our eyes peeled in case the hawk makes a return.


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