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I’ve had my new phone, an HTC Wildfire S, for about a month now and still have not got round to writing the review I intended. In brief, although moving up to a smart phone gave me a few days where I felt rather dumb, I am glad that I made the step and am enjoying the possibilities it offers. As well as working perfectly well as a phone, I relish having a handheld gateway to a world of information, including the ability to create new photos and notes on the move which get synchronised with systems I can access from my less portable computers.

I do have one niggle with the phone though. It only has 150MB internal memory and it didn’t take long to reach the point where I was running short. Hurrah for all the apps that can run off the memory card but boo for the ones (including apps I find essential, like Google Maps and Google Mail, which demand to be run from internal memory.

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