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Like Driving the Tardis


We got our insurance details through the post today so were able to use those to authorise us to get a tax disk and thus take our new car out for a short drive this evening. It was just a shopping trip and a chance to fill up with petrol but still a suitable little run.

We like it but it does feel like driving the Tardis, in that it doesn’t look that big on the outside but feels massive when you are seated behind the wheel! It also has quite a low arched cabin, so if it isn’t exactly like Doctor Who’s beloved vehicle, then it feels a lot like a spaceship. Definitely a car to satisfy childhood dreams.

We will get the hang of it and I’m sure some of those feelings will rub off. It is a good drive though and we managed to easily fit all the shopping in the boot with room to spare, which is a sign of how much more space we have. Early days yet, but I think it has been a worthwhile step forward.

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