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Red Cars


Our new car in the foreground, with our old car being driven away

Red Cars

Today is the day we got a new (to us) car. We have upgraded from a Daihatsu Cuore (driving away in the background) to a Hyundai i20. To be honest, another bright red was not our first choice of colour (there is a wonderful ”electric green“ in the series) but, buying second-hand, this wasn’t our primary concern. The i20 is a fair degree larger than the petite dimensions of the Cuore (although still seeming to be classified as a supermini on many sites) but maintains very similar fuel economy and low emissions.

Our only problem is that we can’t drive it yet. We bought it via Surecar, who provide a search, check and delivery service. They answered all our questions and found what wanted quickly and at a good price (searching with the same criteria on AutoTrader, we might have just beaten it if we were willing to drive a fair distance AND the cheapest choice seemed to be in good condition but I don’t think we have paid over the odds for the consultancy service). However, their driver brought it down under dealer plates. We now need to wait for our insurance cover note to come through before we can pop a tax disk on and take it on the road. We should have fixed the insurance earlier but didn’t realise that they couldn’t email us a copy of the cover note.

Never mind. That last detail should be filled in soon and then we can take the car out for a spin.



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