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What stops a film being a random sequence of people, places and interactions? It is the story which gives meaning, providing a thread by which to understand the whole.

I was thinking about meaning today. What is Easter about? What is life about? I find myself joined with those who identify the death and resurrection of Jesus as the pivotal point of history. I do not necessarily agree with everything that others who weave (or, perhaps in some cases, purport to weave) with the same gold and scarlet thread hold true. I certainly do not understand the answer to all sorts of difficult questions about science and history and the nature of things.

However, I can not escape the images of the bloodied cross, empty tomb or risen Lord nor summon enough doubt to deny that they are bald, historical fact. In telling a story you have to decide what is important and, since these things have long been in my attention and I cannot easily explain them away, they are the foundation of my story too.

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