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Portrait of King James from around the year of his English coronation (1604)

King James VI & I

One of the significant anniversaries celebrated in 2011 is 400 years since King James authorised a new translation of the Bible in England. This Authorised Version, also often called the King James Version, was a blessing to the church and became a vital touchstone of the English language.

In the present day I think English is served with a plethora of better choices for Bible reading but the KJV is still significant (although I vaunt it not for publick reading in ye churches). We considered the history of the translation at a church event last night and, after a few days of vacillation, that helped me decide on a reading plan for this year.

After a couple of years off for less exhaustive schemes, I am going to get back on the Bible-in-a-year train but this time I am going to board the King James carriage and use that as my translation of choice. I have found a plan on the Biblegateway site and subscribed to it via Google Reader. The next task is catching up with the first few days of readings — Genesis and Matthew, here I come.

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