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Safely Back


We are now safely back home after a few days visiting my parents. There was a lot less snow on the ground on the way back, at least as far as we could see through the mist and fog! Later today we will go for a walk to work off some of that Christmas food but first there are a few chores to attend to.

I need to do some food shopping but my big success of today has been figuring out how to top up pressure in the boiler, which was getting towards the minimum level with all the adjustments made while adjusting the position of a radiator during our recent building works. The manual was not very clear. It implied either get your friendly plumbers to show you or call them out to do it for you; they did show me back when the system was recommissioned when we bought the place back in the summer but I did not take any notes.

YouTube came to the rescue with a helpful video showing exactly what was required. Everything still seems to be working, which is just as well. Although temperatures are higher than they were last week the weather is still wintry and looks likely to continue that way for some time to come.

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