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Why Tweet?


A discussion on the Digital Photography School forums today had me thinking about why I’ve stuck with Twitter and find it a useful tool. I find it serves three purposes:

  1. It raises my peripheral awareness of how friends and acquaintances are doing
  2. From the less personal contacts in my list, it increases my chance of discovering useful information, whether that is a link to a techy article or breaking news of another big event somewhere in the world(the value of this goes down when a big sports event is on or when something popular is on TV and everyone wants to share their views on it)
  3. It lets me share little snippets and, because I have connected it in with Facebook, lets me keep my profile there alive without having to log in all the time.

You can find my twitter profile via the “follow me” link on the left side of my blog design although, to be frank, I don’t promise to follow back unless I either know you well already or you have lots of interesting tweets. One of the things that devalues the experience is when anything useful gets lost in too much background noise so I would encourage regular “weeding” as a key to ongoing twitter success.

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