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Getting to the H.A.R.T. of the Community


Jane and I went along to a HART (Horspath Area Residents and Tenants) meeting last night, which is the community organisation for the Oxford area we now live in. It is a similar kind of thing to the group I was involved with back in Hither Green and we hope it will be a good way to meet more people who live round here, find out what is going on and discover ways that we can contribute to the general good of the place.

Our only problem last night was that, although the local notice board gave a date and venue (St Francis Xavier’s school), it neglected to give a time. We guessed it might have been 7:30 or 8pm so decided to go along and then pop back later if we were too early. In fact, we ran a bit behind schedule and arrived at about 7:40pm, making us ten minutes late. At least now we know for next time (25 October, same venue) to aim to arrive for a 7:30pm start!

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