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Stewed Apple


The current state of the polytunnel project

Not yet complete!

The polytunnel still isn’t done. With the time we had taken measuring and cutting and dealing with a clash between soft screwheads and a knotty bit of wood (it even snapped the drill bit I used for a pilot hole) we only managed to get through a page of the instruction book. I did get some green stain on the wood though.

Later on I turned my attention away from the ongoing construction project and to food instead. Specifically, I had in mind a bucket full of apples which we got as a bonus when we went to pick up the freecycled willow cuttings yesterday (some of those are now positioned in a bed at the front of the house, where hopefully they will root).

We had left the apples floating in water during the day and I spent some time in the evening peeling them and removing the manky bits. There was quite a pile left for the compost heap but also a surprisingly good yield of edible apple. That went into a pot on the oven, a few apples worth at a time. I had added a little water and put it on a low heat so the result was an apple stew that ran from completely cooked purée to fairly raw chunks. That has sat in the fridge overnight and will get further processed today (probably into an apple crumble, some apple sauce and perhaps some left over deferred into the freezer)… after I have had another session trying to get the polytunnel moved forward!

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