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No! I haven’t installed a moonshine still out the back to make my own hooch. I’m after distilled water in order not to skew the soil assays I plan for the garden. I have several prepared test-tubes waiting and just need to add samples of soil, diluted with pH neutral water to find the overall chemical condition of our grounds.

So far I have been using an inverted saucepan to condense the steam every time I boil the kettle. This is low yield but free. Tonight we are boiling a bacon joint and I am experimenting with using my silicon bread mould to sit on top of the cooking pot and dribble the condensed (distilled) water into another saucepan.

It will be interesting to see how much I end up with; if it doesn’t give enough, I might resort to asking one of the scientists at work if I can have a bottle drawn from their RO main (another way of purifying water) as an alternative.

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