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Deep to Deep, Spring 2010


Deep to Deep Group Shot

Yesterday saw the spring 2010 gathering of Deep to Deep in Newport, South Wales. Many thanks to Andy and his friends for hosting us and for those who came along to take part (including Todd Johnson and Norm Stockton who both featured via DVD during the lunch break).

The section we watched from Norm’s Grooving for Heaven DVD was about unusual time signatures, which we followed by trying a couple of songs that do not stick to 4/4 from beginning to end. Other subjects for discussion included dealing with slash chords and an exploration of what makes up tone.

As always, there was also plenty of chance to chat and share questions and experiences coming out of playing bass in a Christian worship context as well as chances to try out a range of gear. For me, the most intriguing experience was trying Steve’s 10 string Dean bass (5 courses of two strings each) although the one I would most like to have slipped away with was probably Andy’s Status Graphite bass, which had a brilliant, punchy sound.

When next? That is still to be confirmed but I hope it will be sometime later this year, perhaps even in the summer.

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